The medical cosmetic side of Pennylane Permanent Makeup is a very special initiative that we are so proud to offer. We have the chance to not only meet incredible people, but also hear about their stories and journeys. With specialties in areola restoration – most commonly following a mastectomy or reduction/enhancement surgery – and scar camouflage, we take our clients and the work we do very seriously. We provide a professional health board-approved service completed by a trained and skilled artist.

Some surgeons are qualified to offer areola restoration; however, they are very busy and waiting lists can often be up to one year or longer. That's where we come in. After meeting with your surgeon post-surgery, they will explain your cosmetic options to you with Pennylane Permanent Makeup being one. You'll have an opportunity to ask any questions you might have about our products and procedures and an open invitation to contact Pennylane personally. You'll receive priority booking and a professional with over 10 years experience in the beauty industry when you choose to work with us.

Using the SofTap® hand method, the following permanent medical cosmetic treatments can be done:

  • Areola Restoration or Pigmentation
  • Scar Camouflage
  • Re-Pigmentation for Burn Victims
  • Other areas of need based on consultation

Areola restoration, pigmentation and nipple restoration are very important parts of breast reconstruction and overall balance. With Pennylane Permanent Makeup you not only benefit from the technique of a skilled artist, but can rest assured knowing that we take extra measures to ensure symmetry and careful colour selection. All of these factors contribute to giving the illusion of a three-dimensional and natural looking result.

Most treatments for areola restoration are performed across three sessions that are four to six weeks apart. It's recommended that your first session be booked at least six months post-surgery; allowing the implant (in the case of breast enlargement) to settle, or the skin and underlying tissue (in other instances) to full heal.

Want to perfect what you already have? We can help as well. Please feel free to book a consultation where we can talk about what you would like and offer you our recommendation on how many procedures you will require.

We also offer scar tissue camouflage treatments to help blend and disguise unsightly blemishes following surgery or injury. Often times scars can heal to many different shades other than that of the natural skin tone. We can help minimize the appearance of this and build your confidence back.

We would be glad to discuss pricing with you during your consultation. The needs of each person are so unique that we cannot offer general pricing online. Also, we'd be more than happy to share some before and after pictures with you during your consultation; however, to protect the privacy of our clients we have not included any on our website.

Frequently Asked Questions