Frequently Asked Questions

SofTap® pigments have had an excellent reputation for safety and beauty for over 20 years. All pigments are hypoallergenic and have been safely used on even the most sensitive of clients. The safety and comfort of our clients are of the utmost concern. We strictly adhere to all health and safety regulations and universal precautions are applied. Sterile, single use, disposable, individually wrapped tools are used for each procedure.

With the use of topical anesthetics specifically formulated for the application of permanent cosmetics, the discomfort is greatly reduced. Most describe it as slightly irritating. There may be some swelling and redness in the skin, which subsides quickly. If aftercare instructions are followed properly most women experience no side effects and return to their regular schedules immediately.

The consultation and initial procedure are done in the same session and will take approximately two hours. This includes a discussion on colour selection and desired outcome of the procedure. A second session is booked a minimum of two weeks later. Finishing touches and adjusting the colour depth will take place, if needed at this time. Sometimes a third session may be required. All sessions are included in the initial price.

Yes. Permanent makeup is designed to enhance your natural beauty. Wearing additional makeup is a personal choice.

Permanent makeup will never wash away; however, some fading or muting of colour will occur over time. Some find this to be most flattering. Sunscreen is always recommended to ensure the life of your permanent cosmetic. With proper care your procedure can last five to seven years, although colour boosts or touchups maybe desired every year or two.