I started Pennylane Permanent Makeup under the name of Complexions Plus back in 1999 with a focus on aesthetics and skincare as a priority. Shortly thereafter the emphasis moved towards makeup artistry and I was busy working photo shoots and fashion shows. As time moved on, permanent makeup seemed like a natural choice: The foundation of colour theory, face shapes and women's wellness had been laid. All of these things and more proved to be major assets throughout my permanent makeup training.

The SofTap™ method is not readily available in Canada, but caught my eye as the best provider and educator on the market. So, off to the US I went for my training. In the end I was (and still am) so confident in the end results that I couldn't wait to shift the direction of my business.

For me it was a very personal and important decision to take my training one step further as well. I would focus on offering permanent makeup and medical cosmetic procedures. To me, every face and every story is special. It was a true calling to continue my training in an effort to master areola restoration. The journey has been incredible to say the least.

Of all the stories and emotions I've connected with over the years, there are always a few that stand out. I'm thrilled that each person is a walking billboard for the services I offer and I'm so fortunate: you all make it worth the while.